Should You Buy a Drone With Camera ?

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This is kind of a question people frequently ask me. Many hobbyists that are buying their first drone are unsure about camera, should ther first drone have a camera? My opinion is – it should. Since market is full of affordable camera drones I don’t see reason not to get one. Camera gives you much more oportunities than you have without it. Especially if it’s integrated with FPV, which in most cases is. Being able to see what’s your camera recording in live time is really amazing. Sometimes I really wonder how is that possible to incoporate on really cheap $50 drones. But it’s true, they are here – available on the market.

Some of drones already have their built in cameras, while other drones comes with GoPro or other action camera gimblars. Let’s be honest, GoPro is amazing, it’s really high quality product and you can capture some amazing footage with it. But, in the other hand, GoPro is relatively expensive and sometimes it’s not really smart to attach it to some cheap drone that can hardly fly with it. Last thing you want to happen is crashing your drone and breaking it together with GoPro camera, right? In the other hand, if you’re looking for some cheap and simple drone that will do what’s it expected to do – fly. Maybe you’ll be interested in this list of drones for kids by Dronesglobe.

In following posts we’ll discuss what are the best drones with camera. There are more than hundred camera drones currently available on the market so it can be real pain in the ass to find what’s the best one for you.